Pod Clan Update: March 2009

PCU March 19th, 2009 – In like a lion…

Podtacular Clan Update

Hey everybody! Welcome to the new and improved Podtacular Clan Update. This new series of updates will be posted on the Podtacular home page rather than the forums. All discussion is welcome in the General Discussion threads. The PCU will now also cover the upcoming Podtacular Pro Clan. The structure will be a little different, but we hope you like it. Oh, and sorry its so late. :P

New Members

Replacing the old Clan Statistics is a new section devoted to our new members. These members have passed our application process and will be sent invites when their application has been confirmed in our forums

blood god1
wow im an idiot

Remember to confirm your invite on JP Oliver’s thread in the Podtacular Rec forum. Please try to stay active on the forums and online! Welcome to the official Podtacular clan!

Podtacular Rec vs Outcast Reborn

I didn’t get time to type this up after the clanmatch, so here’s a brief overview of Podtacular Rec’s clanmatch against Outcast Reborn! This recreational match was played on March 7th, 2009.

Outcast Reborn is a Halo clan & community. They’ve been around for quite some time now, and our All Stars have played them in Halo 2 in the past. It was great to play them again. You can find the OcR gang at www.outcastreborn.com . Check them out!

Mixer Game 1: Multi-Flag on ValhallaBungie.net Game Link

Lots of fun from both sides in this game. It was a real warm up game for both teams. Podtacular’s Sqweryl kept a strong grip on Blue Team’s base throughout a large portion of the game, but Blue came out on top in the end.

Mixer Game 2: SlayerBall on IsolationBungie.net Game Link

This was a really fun gametype called SlayerBall that the Good Game Network plays. You get 3 points for every kill and obviously time from holding the oddball. What to say about this game other than: Dust Storm is the oddball master.

Game 1: Multi-Bomb on NarrowsBungie.net Game Link

Our first real game against the OcR guys. Throughout the game, Outcast Reborn held a strong offensive against the Podtacular crew and kept us advancing no further than top middle. Eventually, sneaky ninja Sqweryl manages to escort the bomb into OcR’s plant point, giving us the first lead. Unfortunately, OcR pushed harder and was able to breach our defenses for the win.

Sqweryl secures Podtacular’s only bomb plant

OcR wins 3-1. OcR leads series 1-0.

Game 2: Shotty Sniper KOTH on The PitBungie.net Game Link

Not much to say about this game. Outcast Reborn had great map control and was able to snipe us at any point on the map. Podtacular and OcR kept a close score at first, but OcR managed to pull ahead and win the game. A loss, but the game itself was quite fun!

Podtacular and OcR clash for the hill

OcR wins 250-167. OcR leads series 2-0.

Game 3: Rocketball on Haven v2Bungie.net Game Link

After accidentally putting on SWATBall on this map (never try that), we picked Rocketball on this custom forged map. Made by Forgehub member Picceta, the map is basically two giant slopes. In our game of Rocketball, both teams relied on the shield doors hidden up at each side’s perch. It was the only cover on this original map that could withstand a rocket blast, so both teams fought to control it. It was close, but OcR was able to regain control of the ball and pulled ahead near the end of the game.

Not the best place to shoot a rocket… (guess who that red guy is!)

OcR wins 200-184. OcR wins series 3-0.

Although Podtacular lost the series, we had a GREAT time with the Outcast Reborn guys. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and thanks to the OcR guys for playing with us!

Coming Soon!

Looking ahead…

The Podtacular Bulletin Board is pushing for its opening as early as this weekend. This will be a place for clan members to post up bios for themselves, and will serve as a one place stop for the latest Clan info. Medals will also be displayed here.

We have a clanmatch scheduled against The Remnants on April 19th, 2009! Full details will be posted up in the forums soon.

and of course…

The Podtacular Pros

Ah yes, the Podtacular Pros. I haven’t revealed very much about the reopening of the clan but I assure you things are being worked on. The new Podtacular Pros is aiming for its debut in May or early June. More details will be released on the way via the forums. To stay up to date on the latest clan happenings, follow our Twitter! www.twitter.com/PodtacularClan

Podtacular Rec Challenge: Grenade Race!

Not too long ago, the Podtacular Rec launched its second PRec Challenge event. This one was entitled Grenade Race, and it involved players running through a maze (created by me) collecting grenades. For full information, check out the thread: http://podtacular.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25145

Without further ado, here are the winners!

1. FIRST Person to complete the challenge: [b]Painkilla05, receiving 1 Gold Medal![/b]
2. SECOND Person to complete the challenge: [b]Arbitation, receiving 1 Silver Medal![/b]
3. THIRD Person to complete the challenge: [b]CAPTAIN PLANET, receiving 1 Bronze Medal![/b]
4. FIRST Person to complete the challenge, no deaths: [b]Painkilla05, receiving 1 Silver Medal![/b]
5. Player completes the challenge in the shortest time before March 1st, 2009. [b]Arbitation 1:32, receiving 1 Gold Medal![/b]
6. Secret Achievement (Complete a grate jump to get the Firebomb): No one!
7. Complete the course in under 90 seconds: No one (sorry Arby, game video has to be under 90 seconds), but Hype beat it in 1:24.

Winners please remember how many medals you have, and then tell me when the Bulletin Board comes up.

Thanks for playing everyone! Based on the feedback I got from this one, expect more in the future! Maybe I’ll make it harder…

Well that’s all for this update….quite long…I’ve been typing for like 40 minutes? We will kick off the Player of the Month again in April, I was unable to get it in on time for this month. I hope you liked the article, thanks for reading! Please leave a comment!

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  1. aadude says:

    Awesome article! That OCR game was a blast, I’m glad we were able to do that. You’ve done an awesome job getting everything running again so thank you for that! Looking forward to the pro clan and everything else, good job man!

  2. Dust Storm says:

    lol, I had no idea that pic was of me until you said something. I guess the icon gives it away.

  3. Arbitation says:

    YAY PRU!

    Awww :( I didn’t know that the vid had to be under 90 itself, I think that that should have been specified…. oh well, still got the fastest time! (btw what is a grate jump?)
    I seriously thought that the secret achievment was gonna be to complete it without the splazer!

    Good work on the Clan match guys, good to see some inter-community action!

    Can’t wait till the bulletin boards get up and running, should be great.


  4. Dust Storm says:

    lol, oddball master.

  5. theDAXman says:

    Nice Rocket there Dusty ;)

  6. theDAXman says:

    well at least you got the guy
    you DID get the guy RIGHT!?

  7. masterdeathcode says:

    Ive got a problem with xbl ill be online next friday hopefully!

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