Official Podtacular Halo 3 Clans Are Here!

Finally we have the means to put together Halo 3 clans. You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

But there are no clans in Halo 3!

Very wise, young grasshopper. However, with the dash update, there’s a spiffy new friends of friends feature. A lot of people said eureka when they realized you can create a silver account and use that as a clan of sorts, which is just what we’re doing! By getting added as a friend of one of the Podtacular clans, you can view the clan’s friends and blammo, you’re in a clan!

How do I get in?

Let’s cut right to the chase for the members of existing Podtacular Halo 2 clans and regular forum-goers. You guys can just send a friends request to your respective clan and you’re good to go. If you’re not a forum regular and existing clan member, check out the clan page to review the system and request an invite. You’ll need to tell us a little about yourself and agree to a few simple rules, then we’ll send you a friend request!

Click “Read More” for more FAQs.

Will things be different than they were with the Podtacular Halo 2 clans?

Heck yeah, in a good way. First of all we have the new Podtacular Code of Honor which every clan member must agree to before becoming a member. This requires things like following the chain of command, honesty, respect, and participation (activity). Clan leaders will ensure everyone in the clan follows these rules so you have the best possible experience in Podtacular clans.

More Info

So you have more than one clan?

Yuppers, we’re starting out with three. Here’s the breakdown:

Podtacular Rec – Podtacular Recreational Group. For casual players who just want to play Halo and make friends. NOTE: As the rec clan fills up, it’ll probably split and become two (and so on) so we get the friendly rivalry of mutliple rec clans with all dedicated, active, friendly members.

More Info

Podtacular Pros – Podtacular Pro and Hardcore Group. For competitive players with a high skill level who want a challenge. Tryout required.
More Info

Podtacular AStr – Podtacular All Stars. The best of the pros and the official Podtacular challenge team.

More Info

What am I still doing here? How do I get a clan invite again?

Head over here!

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39 Responses to Official Podtacular Halo 3 Clans Are Here!

  1. foomojive says:

    hm not sure what the edges are for that… dial?

  2. Dialpex says:

    Yes, And the way we’re checking that is via dashboard. If someone has been inactive for over 30 days then the account will be questioned. The user will be contacted on the web site and given another week to let us know of their status. If no response is received, that person will be removed and the spot will be open.

  3. CapnKrunk says:

    All clan applications are for the Rec clan. Pro clan doesn’t take appications, but instead use scouting and tryouts to recruit.

  4. Anorexic Leader says:

    Yea, I meant to say “apply for Rec, and wait for Pro tryouts.”

  5. Virgoblu says:

    Noob to Podtacular…IF I don’t get into the Pro Clan will I immediately be considered for Rec or will I have to apply for Rec on my own?

  6. Anorexic Leader says:

    You’ll have to apply if your new to Podtacular, even for the Rec Clan. The Pro’s hold tryouts every now and then, but you have to be a member of a Rec Clan for at least 20, or 30 days. Something like that. So apply, and wait. That’s what I’m gonna have to do to get into Pod Pros. I’ve been in Rec for awhile now.

  7. thadwhit says:

    This sounds great, can’t wait to play.

  8. Virgoblu says:

    Ahhh! I applied just for Pro (edit: so I thought but I guess I applied for all as it’s set up now). I’ll send my request in for Rec now! I’m really all about improving my game. If you want get better you’ve got to learn from the best. Thanks.

  9. Anorexic Leader says:

    Well thats good that I won’t have to worry about this…b/c I’m always on this site.

  10. Kiaffex says:

    Well, we suggest that you leave a little note somewhere (probably the discussion thread) just incase.

  11. yowler18 says:

    i have the same question of surly hobo…what if someone is inactive in the forums for a few weeks?

  12. Kiaffex says:

    Hey can I be part of the clan too?!



  13. a surly hobo says:

    If someone joins but is inactive, either in the forums or on xbl are they subject to becoming removed from the clan?

  14. Kur1zu says:

    I applied so yeah hopefully you guys accept me :) i really would love to be a part of it!
    Appreciate it :)

  15. noobs are ppl 2 says:

    ya im going out for this but i dont have my 360 right now applyed for rec :) u better want me :O

  16. Anorexic Leader says:

    Thank you Foo Mo for clearing that up. Everything sounds good, and if would work for me, I would have already send the request. Or if MS would hurry up and ship me my darn 360, I could have easily taken care of this in a few minutes. I’ll try to send out the request tomorrow, or late tonight if I’m lucky.

  17. foomojive says:

    “If you’re not a forum regular and existing clan member, check out the clan page to review the system and request an invite. You’ll need to tell us a little about yourself and agree to a few simple rules, then we’ll send you a friend request!”

    for people that aren’t both active in the forums AND were in a podtacular clan before, they’ll need to go to [url=]the Podtacular clan page[/url], check out how it works, and request a clan invite at the bottom. Any more questions?

  18. foomojive says:

    “Let’s cut right to the chase for the members of existing Podtacular Halo 2 clans and regular forum-goers. You guys can just send a friends request to your respective clan and you’re good to go.”

    In this case both of you were in rec clans so send a friend request to [b]Podtacular Rec[/b] and you’ll get in as long as you’re active on the forums.

  19. ClownX says:

    Okay, so should I, Forum Member “A,” an upstanding member of the community, send in an application if I wish to join?

    What about Forum Member “B,” who is new to Podtacular, what should he/she do in order to join the Rec clan?

  20. Anorexic Leader says:

    That’s basically what I was asking ClownX…..I’m kinda fuzzy on the details myself.

  21. Anorexic Leader says:

    Okay, so I don’ have to send a f/r? I’ve been already sent one, or what? I mean I was in Rec Clan A, of Halo 2. So the way I interpret this, is that I’m already in the new Rec Clan. If not I’ll send a request to the Rec clan GT, seeing as how I missed the last pro tryouts….Also as of right now, I am currently unable to see pages at concerning the clans, and my personal gamertag page. It’s telling me that the page is unavailable. So I will have to wait it out, to try to see my addition to the new re-instated Rec clans.

  22. HoboHunter25 says:

    good work guys this looks awesome

  23. face head says:

    do we get those awesome medals under our names in the forums now?

  24. marooner says:

    That would be coolzies!

  25. Tapio says:

    if i do get in does this mean that i cant shout: RAAAAAAAPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    after a game?
    lol just kiddin!
    Cool to have people who like to work as a team,random people in BTB piss me off sometimes.specially the litte kids telling me that im diffrent

  26. chuckiej says:

    Great ideas, Podtacular team! Its nice to see all the leaders who are part of each clan. This is a great way to handle clans!

    I will probably also make a Godtacular group in the same way because new people have a hard time coming since my f/r list is always full.

  27. foomojive says:

    I rewrote this article with Dial’s consent, hopefully it clears a few things up.

  28. Dialpex says:

    There’s not more old rec clan marooner.

    It’s expected that if you join our Rec clan you’re active both on the site and XBL. Or else why would you want to join a clan right!?

  29. foomojive says:

    Once it fills it will be split, at which point the clan rivalry will return but with a clan full of dedicated, active members. Check the forums for details.

  30. marooner says:

    ok… i am a little confused but i will try to go along with it and understand it as best as i can. So… Do you have to be active on the site only? or do you have to be active both on XBL and the site and be part of one of the old rec clans?

  31. CrimsonViper says:

    Hmm. What about the “A Podtacular FL” gamertag?
    That could be a temporary fill-in g/t.

  32. HoboHunter25 says:

    1 rec clan? wont that mean there can only be 100 members. Also, where do we join/apply

  33. Dialpex says:

    If you belonged to a Halo 2 clan and you’re currently active on the site, then you won’t have to apply for a Halo 3 Rec clan. Otherwise you will have to apply to get into the Rec clan.

    As far as the Pro and All Stars there are requirements to each one of those.

    1 – [url=]Pro Requirements[/url]

    2 – All Stars only recruit from Pros.

  34. Killazilla says:

    So we only have 1 rec clan?

  35. Dialpex says:

    Yes Killa we do. We will keep that clan very active and do more freeloaders to take spots of possible active members.

  36. Lord hobo says:

    So wait do i need to apply for one, im confused.

  37. phantasydeluxe says:

    i applied for the rec clan a few days ago, if i dont get a response then that means i dont get in the clan?

  38. Tapio says:

    Where do i leave a note that i might not be active for few weeks?
    Im moving next week and i might be without internet for while,i did got the podtac rec clan inv and accepted it

  39. Virgoblu says:

    I didn’t get anything and I turned in my application a few weeks ago…I haven’t been here for a month yet, I’m pretty sure that has something to do with it.

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