H2SO4 -VS- SUP :: caz51

Team H2SO4 -VS- Team Supremacy
POV: caz51
MLG Slayer The Pit
Week 1 Match : Game 3
-Bungie.net Stats-

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8 Responses to H2SO4 -VS- SUP :: caz51

  1. SuIfur says:

    Cool. Thanks for choosing it Arc

  2. Tarheels32 says:

    Good games guys. Horrible quality Arc :).

  3. caz51 says:

    Thanks Arc… and thanks tarheels

  4. KBC says:

    Arc is there somewhere we can get a higher quality version of this game? It is a little blurry and not very clear.

  5. Anorexic Leader says:

    Good game guys, but man that was some poor quality Arc.

  6. wackysplash says:

    Caz51 got hit by so many grenades that game… Way to pull that one out.

  7. MadGecko says:

    2 every1 that wants a HQ version… click the “Download this Video” link under the vid.
    much better quality, imo

    also, im trying to get vids from the MLG Gameroom playable here, which has FAR superior quality compared to google.
    infact, i already have it uploaded there, if u care to watch it in flash

  8. iOpTiMuS says:

    i did bad that game :(

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