Another learning experience

A certain (now former) staff member recently flipped out, deleting the rec section in the forum and making everyone overlord in Rec B. Believe it or not, this is good news. Our community reacted as a team to recognize this and fight it, and just a day later we are making a variety of positive changes in our clan system and forums to ensure we have solid leadership and don’t leave ourselves vulnerable to bipolar emos in the future. If you’re in a Podtacular rec clan, read on for some important info that you need to know.

First of all, I’d like to thank a few people that worked together to identify and fix this quickly. Namely Stooch, Renegad3, DrThom, Dialpex, CapnKrunk, Woof1989, and the IRC team. Thanks guys for solving this little annoyance and helping us come out as a better community the next day!

P0dtacularRec B

If you were in PodtacularRec B, that clan is going to be moved to a new home. The new Rec B clan has a zero instead of an O in the p0d part. You should receive an invite from woof1989, who is the new sole overlord of Rec B. Please accept this, as the former rec B is no longer an official Podtacular clan. If for some reason you didn’t get this invite yet, be sure to request a clan invite and mention that you were in rec B. We’ll get you one ASAP.

Rec clan leadership requirements

Rec clans now have a limit on overlords and staff: There is only allowed to be one overlord and a max of three staff in a rec clan. This is effective immediately, and I will be checking on the rec clans in a few days to make sure this gets implemented, so be sure to get it taken care of quick. Staff decisions at this point are up to the overlord. If there is more than one overlord, they need to decide who will be the overlord and one needs to step down. If the overlord is never on (and I mean NEVER), let me know.

Future rec clan leadership

Any new leaders of Rec clans including new and existing rec clan overlords and staff will now be carefully decided on collaboratively by the staff. We have a new system for deciding on staff based on trustworthiness, activity level in Halo, activity level in the forums, respect, humility, and helpfulness.

Rec clan leaders and the forums

Overlords in Rec clans can no longer moderate (which also means delete topics) anywhere in the forums unless they go through a careful selection process by the admins similar to the one mentioned above. This applies to current overlords and new ones.

Hope that clears some things up. I wouldn’t even call this a setback since there were so many positive things that came out of it, and really I’d say we’re better off now than we were a day ago. We still have the 99% of our important forum topics and we still have Rec B. The only one to lose on this is the emo that just lost all his friends and ended up helping us out. Go Podtacular!

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21 Responses to Another learning experience

  1. foomojive says:

    we have a Wall of Shame where this bozo is now scornfully featured. and of course he’s banned in every possible way.

  2. Painkilla05 says:

    IRC to the rescue! I was proud of the way Stooch acted during this time until reinforcements arived.

  3. Logan Payne says:

    Thanks Foo Mo but these people that do this need a special punishment. The abuse of our forums for example deserves a thread dedicated to the purps loser-dom. It’s called a ZOT on some forums.

  4. articlegfx says:

    Great job, guys. One person (and a follower) can’t slow a community. What were they thinking?

  5. Logan Payne says:

    Can I do some gratuitous image macroing? In fact forget I asked. Off to Photoshop!

  6. Infektion X says:

    You know, one of podtaculars great acheivements is gonna make it into some popular newspaper soon…
    I can see it now: PODTACULAR PWNS N00B!

    Anyways, thanks to everyone that helped and if this ever happens again, podtacular defense squad (PDS) will be ready…lol

  7. face head says:

    w00000t. congrats on everyone who helped. im sorry, but the irc doesn work for me.

  8. Lord hobo says:

    i had fun being part of the irc team watching the forum vigilantely

  9. woof1989 says:

    Woooot, part of the irc team, also all clan invites have been sent

  10. CARTS says:

    at least one of the good things are that the inactive players are out of the clan

  11. dinomaster4 says:

    well he got banned but that doesnt mean he wont come back, i means its preety easy to get past a ip ban on the irc, also he can create anouther account and spam some more. what r we going to do about that?

  12. Painmongr539 says:

    hey foo u got some gramatical errors.  its fought not fight. this coming from tta kid who cant spell.

  13. face head says:

    lol, pain. haha[i][/i]

  14. Algebra Cow says:

    yay irc team and everyone else.

  15. SpartanXXX says:

    Should the forums still be locked?

  16. A Oompa Loompah says:

    In the IRC was fun, getting those a$$ holes was so fun! Good rules 2 foo mo!

  17. foomojive says:

    dino – don’t worry, ve have vays to keep him banned. Admins are on the lookout for any retaliation. In any case he certainly won’t have any mod or staff powers any more, and it’s much easier and faster for us to ban than it is for him to create accounts and spoof his IP.

    carts – yeah really! there’s another good thing, this roots out the inactive players and leaves slots for new people that want to play and make friends.

  18. Sgt Pepper says:

    Way to go guys!! i was busy for a few days and couldnt get on here or halo and i came back to the tail end and saw you guys fixing everything. im in recB and i gotta give woof a hand for how fast he got the new clan up and running.

  19. jamj43 says:

    foo called them bipolar emos lol

  20. woof1989 says:

    Thanks, Sgt Pepper. :D

  21. ao911 says:

    thanks a lot to the buttheads that were stupid and had to mess everythign up.

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