Halo 3: ODST Eight Years Later – A Retrospective Story Analysis

One of the strongest focuses of the Halo franchise is a depiction of war, the casualties and costs that come with a tense fight for survival brutally laid bare. Yet, somehow, it never exhibited its full potential when playing as … Continue reading

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Know Your Enemy: An Exploration of Atriox and His Importance

In 2004, the critically acclaimed and widely anticipated Halo 2 released on the Xbox, hailed for championing in a new age of multiplayer arena shooters and a competitive environment which still sees inspiration from this classic to this day. What … Continue reading

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Guest Editorial: We’re Right On Schedule for New Gen Halo!

I remember a year ago, when it was the Xbox One itself that was what so many of us were waiting for. Now of course for so many of us it’s the Master Chief collection this time around that’s having … Continue reading

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