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Podtacular 433: Anniversary Mayhem

The news train for Halo: The Master Chief Collection keeps rolling through with info more info dropped during the Halo panel at RTX 2014.  On last week’s show, we touched on a few things that they revealed, but we go over all the new developments from RTX on the latest Halo experience.  San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner though and 343 has given us a glimpse of what will be there in this week’s Halo BulletinFlamesword makes the Community Spotlight this week and a British actress, Christina Chong, has been announced to be a lead actor for Macer in the upcoming Halo: Nightfall production.

Among the official news is also community related news that we’re excited about.  Our good friends over at Drunken Halo Podcast are hosting their third 1v1 tournament.  The Forward Unto Dawn Podcast is back after a five-month hiatus talking about their take on the latest Halo developments and how everything behind the mythos of the universe is being affected.  Over at HaloGAF, our friends have restarted their podcast under the name Reclaimer Radio.

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Microsoft Closing Down Xbox Entertainment Studios

As part of a company-wide restructuring and reduction of jobs over the next year, Microsoft will shut down it’s Xbox Entertainment Studios.  XES just debut this past month with “Every Street United” and had a lineup of programming announced earlier in the year including Halo: Nightfall and the Halo TV Series.  All of the current productions will finish up including the Halo series, but Microsoft will slowly wind down the studio and continue pursuing app partnerships with other entertainment providers like Netflix and TV providers.  Microsoft started focusing on the gamers as evident with the presentation at E3 this year.  With the price reduction of the Xbox One removing the Kinect, sales of the console more than doubled last month.  More info about the announcement and a letter sent out from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox can be found on

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Podtacular 432: RTX 2014

RTX 2014 was just this past weekend and the experience put on by the RT staff and Guardians keeps getting better. Among all the booths on the floor, we had many opportunities to catch up with fans and friends including 343 Industries, Certain Affinity and GrifballHub.  There were several panels of interest as well, including the Grifball, the Master Chief Collection, and Dust Storm’s very own Podcasting panels.  We got a lot of new information regarding Halo 2 Anniversary from Gungeese to Coagulation.  More details will be discussed on our next show, but for now we recap our RTX memories with Goosechecka from GrifballHub, Justin Bryce from Drunken Halo Podcast and Biowolf.

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Master Chief Collection Terminal Trailer

The terminal trailer that was shown at today’s Halo panel during RTX is out for the public. We know the Arbiter played a key part in Halo’s campaign experience and we’ll get a bigger understanding of his past through the terminals in Halo 2 Anniversary. Discuss in our forums.

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Ready for RTX

This weekend, we are in Austin, Texas for the 4th annual Rooster Teeth Expo. Halo is expected to have a big presence here from the Master Chief Collection Campaign Demo, Halo panel and the Play a Pro challenge. No matter what Halo event you go to, your bound to pick up some sweet Halo swag. If you’re in town for the convention, let us know.

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Dust Storm In the Community Spotlight

Community Member SpotlightIt’s with great honor and pride that I’m please to be a part of the latest community member spotlight on Halo Waypoint.  I’ve been running the podcast and website for nearly six years, trying to bring the best I can to the show and community.  I’ve been blessed with all the friends and community members I’ve met and interacted with and look forward to what Podtacular’s future holds.

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E3 2014 Special: Bravo from 343 Industries

343 Industries’ announcement of the Master Chief Collection along with the additional content to come with it was met with great enthusiasm, but also many questions. Many of the questions have been answered in interviews, but some have been unanswered or are not ready to be answered. We had the opportunity to sit down with Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky, Community Manager for 343 Industries and ask him some of the unanswered questions and clarify a few other answers we’ve received already. Some of the info in the show has been covered since this interview was recorded, but there are still a few tid-bits you may have not heard yet.

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