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Podtacular 447: Golden Master Chief

Amongst all the Halo news out this week from 343 and IGN, no one was probably more excited for anything but the announcement that the Master Chief Collection went gold and started hitting consoles as pre-order downloads this week.  Not to mention that all the content of the game can’t even fit on one disc or have other content come later, but it means we’re just that much closer to getting our change to experience Master Chief’s saga all over again.  In addition to the golden news, leaderboards are coming to the campaign where you can measure your progress compared to rivals you select in game.  If you haven’t touched Halo on PC, then you’re in a treat for 8 new maps to hit the Xbox stage for the first time.  One other Halo game to keep your eye on is Spartan Strike, the successor to Spartan Assault.  We still have another week or two of content to dive into the show so buckle your seat belts.

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First Cinematics from Nightfall

nightfall-lockeThere are many stories being bundled in with the Master Chief Collection, with one in particular we are being introduced to for the first time.  Nightfall is the digital series coming with the Master Chief Collection that tells the origin story of Commander Locke leading up to his role in Halo 5: Guardians.  Halo Waypoint showed us a first cinematic look at Halo: Nightfall and gave us a little information on how the story of Nightfall will unfold for Locke’s character.

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How Legends are Remade – Halo ViDoc Trailer

sdcc-2014-halo-2-anniversary-cinematic-worth-fighting-forLong time Halo fans remember the nostalgia of Bungie video documentaries, or ViDocs, whenever we were graced with their appearance.  It looks like 343 is taking that route now in a trailer for a ViDoc on the remaking of Halo 2 for the Master Chief Collection.  Upon the ViDocs release, fans are going to get an in-depth look at the development behind remaking this iconic game, staying true to it’s past, but bringing it up to give Halo fans the best experience possible.

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Strolling Through Stonetown

sdcc-2014-halo-2-anniversary-zanzibar-power-madWe’ve already seen a few snippets of video from the upcoming map Stonetown, the remake of Zanzibar, but today we have another walk-through video from IGN with Max Hoberman from Certain Affinity.  As one of the staple maps from Halo 2, not much needed to change as Max explains, but there are a few new tricks added to this map to help avoid camping control spots and, of course, it looks gorgeous.  A few new jump-ups gives a little more freedom of movement, the gate button is forgeable like other H2A interactive elements we’ve seen thus far, there’s a man-canon up to the sea-wall on the other side of beach spawn, and there’s a new bridge from the base to the wheel that behaves similarly to the wheel bridge.  If you’re looking for one-sided objectives, this is the map for you.

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Bloodline is Probably the Best Halo Map Ever

H2A-BloodlineEvery Halo fan has fond memories of that one map they fall in love with.  For those who have been there since the beginning, Blood Gulch is likely the one map that defined Halo’s multiplayer.  Bloodline takes the best of every iteration before it and makes one of the best multiplayer maps incorporating a couple of new things as well.  There are new structures that help players grab cover in traditionally wide open spaces including bridges and a central small base.  The Hornet is playable replacing the Banshee in the default configuration.  The last big change, the interactive element of Bloodline, is an EMP, that is triggered at the top of each based and temporarily disabled all nearby vehicles.  In the IGN First walkthrough with Max Hoberman, we also get a short ride on the much anticipated Gungoose, the new Speed Boost powerup, and the Silenced SMG, which is dual-wieldable.

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NYCC 2014 Special: Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks is a well known brand for any Halo collector and when it comes to putting forward a hefty penny to some awesome merch, specifically the Halo signature series. At NYCC this past week, they showed for the first time the finalized Scarab set, which is the third one in the Halo Signature series line. Lots of time and effort goes into every set Mega Bloks makes and big builds like the Scarab is no easy task. While we were in New York, we got to sit down with some of the Mega Bloks design team who work on the Halo sets to discuss how sets are designed from concept to final production, interaction with the community at large and all the juicy info on the upcoming Scarab.  On this special episode, we are joined by Tim Gorham, Social Media Manager for Mega Bloks Collectors; Felipe Rojas, Product Designer for Boys and  Mega Bloks Collectors; and Maxime Pouliot, Product Designer for Mega Bloks Collectors.

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Halo: The Master Cheif Collection is Golden

E3-2014-Halo-2-Anniversary-Cairo-Station-Chief-Hero-Home-jpgToday, Halo fans everywhere rejoiced when the announcement came in that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gone GOLD, but that’s not all!  Since the game is ready for prime time, you can pre-order your digital copy of the game and pre-download the content today from the Xbox Marketplace.  The digital version does come with the Microsoft Store pre-order Boom Skull so you don’t miss out on the digital goodies.

The Master Chief Collection is so large and complete that after the 45GB of space the game takes up on one disc will be a day-one 20GB update that will deliver the rest of the game’s content to your console.  Campaign is playable straight from the initial game install, which you can sink your teeth into while you wait for the update to download.  Spartan Ops will be a separate update coming in December.

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