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Podtacular 477: Rectified

The latest Master Chief Collection patch is out and this is another big one addressing Halo 3 forge and ranks coming to other playlists.  In the patch notes, we got word that the Relic remake and Halo 3: ODST’s campaign will join the collection alongside next month’s content update.  On the Halo 5 hype train, a new GameStop trailer announced Spartan Locke’s exclusive HUNTER class armor as a pre-order bonus for those buying from GameStop.  The trailer itself has some interesting moments showcasing the versatility of Spartan Abilities coming to Halo 5: Guardians along with some other hints at what we’ll find in the campaign later in October.  Our special guests this week are Tyboy and TwiztedShotz from Rectify Gaming.

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Rare Orange Halo Xbox Found in the Wild


There are many special collectors items in the Halo franchise, but when it comes to consoles, this takes the cake.  Even more rare than the MCC Xbox Ones, this ultra rare Orange Halo Original Xbox was found by a Seattle collector, Emilio, at a garage sale in Redmond.  These never hit production as the iconic green Xboxes were the final ones to hit the shelves, but just a couple of these functioning consoles did make it out the clutches of Microsoft.  YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks talks with Emilio on his find and the rarity of this invaluable collector’s item.

You can check out a gallery of images of the console here.

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Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Console in the Works


Josh Holmes, Studio Head at 343 Industries answered a few Twitter questions this week.  Among them, Josh tells us there is a limited edition Halo 5 console and controller in the works with details to be released at a later date.  Amongst the other Twitter responses, we’re informed there will be no P2P, which likely needs some clarification, but would mean possibly no offline LAN support.  Spartan Ranks will still be used in conjunction with Competitive Skill Rank in Arena playlists and a new progression/unlock system. There are no current plans for another Halo 5 beta.  Finally, if you’re wondering what’s in the Limited Collector’s Edition, we will have full details on that by the time E3 rolls around.

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Podtacular 476: Point of No Return

Our next episode of Hunt the Truth with Ben Giraud, we see desperate attempts to make sense of what the interviews have been saying about Chief’s true past, while fretting about job security for this story.  Ben’s gone from having the brunt work done for him with ONI piling on interviews for him to make a great story, to contradicting every lead given to him with his own contacts, even entertaining the audience of Mashak Maradi, the truther who has kept leaving him messages throughout this whole campaign.  On his way back to Earth after being called back by Sully, he confides in a colleague of his, Petra Janecek on what he has found before heading to ONI HQ.  We are joined by Drew Freeman from Podcast Evolved for this week’s discussion.

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Halo MCC Gets Relic and ODST Next Month


Announced in the latest content update for the Master Chief Collection, the Relic remake and Halo 3: ODST campaign are slated to drop next month.  ODST is getting the same remastered treatment as the Halo 3 Campaign got with 1080P, 60FPS graphics and Relic is getting the anniversary treatment.  Both will be available alongside next month’s content update, with ODST available to those who played MCC before Dec 19, 2014 and Relic available to everyone for free.



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MCC Patch Notes: Apr 21st


The latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection content update is now available for download.  The 1.7GB update includes changes across all games in the collection with some new additions addressing quitting/betrayals and ranks in matchmaking.  With the changes in the ranking system, current Halo 2: Anniversary playlist ranks will be reset and ranks will be introduced into other playlists, initially Team Slayer and HCS.  Here’s the details:


  • Made a variety of improvements to ranking consistency and penalties.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause a player to rank down excessively, such as dropping multiple levels after a loss.
  • Resolved an issue that caused a player’s rank to appear incorrectly.

Quitting & Betrayals

  • Added new quit and betrayal penalties to matchmaking:
    • In ranked playlists, quitting a match is now treated the same as a loss. Quitting is defined as exiting the game in any fashion. If you quit a match, your ranking will be impacted, and this may result in dropping a level.
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HUNT the TRUTH – Crossing the Black


When you want to stay away from the prying eyes of ONI, contacting people over ChatterNet a much better option over of Waypoint where ONI software is crawling for keywords eavesdropping on every conversation. It isn’t foolproof, but would prevent a conversation that Benjamin Giraud had last episode with Thomas Wu from getting flagged.  In Ben’s own words, he had just done a unsanctioned follow-up interview with a war camp survivor, accused Wu of lying during his first interview getting him to admit that he lied, and imply ONI had bribed or coerced Wu into telling the lie.  There’s no way to know for certain it was flagged.  We hear Ben trying to think of ways that the conversation he just had could be justified if it was flagged.  Regardless, the conversation had been processed and there was nothing he could do.

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