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Podtacular 483: The Leak

Ben finally made contact with FERO at the end of the previous episode and things couldn’t have gone more South how Ben was expecting their plan to go.  Leaked footage of the Master Chief disrupting a monumental peace talk seemingly favoring the alien representatives and kidnapping the human representative has had many people talking about him.  As Mashak reveals more information about the Spartan program and it’s treatment of the outer colonies, it’s not long before humanity is up in arms about what the Chief is doing.  FERO reassures that while Master Chief is taking the brunt of the blow in the short term, he will be vindicated and ONI will be the ones under scrutiny.  The panic generated from the first leak was enough to get the pieces moving for ONI brass and UEG Senators to set up a meeting to discuss what’s going on, which is right where they want them.

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White Xbox One MCC Bundle Now Available for a Limited Time


For a limited time starting today, U.S. customers can purchase a white Xbox One bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  Major Nelson announced on his blog earlier today the bundle sells at $349USD while supplies last.  Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes as a digital download code and the console a 500GB hard drive without the Kinect sensor.  Grab them while you can from the Microsoft Store.

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HUNT the Truth – Drip, Drip, Drip

dripPetra Janecek was the last person Ben expected to hear from after their last encounter.  She had called Ben in the middle of the night looking for an explanation to an event that happened while he was asleep.  Immediately after he listened to the message, he called Petra who was asking for an explanation of what happened, what he had done with whatever new info he had gathered during his hunt.  Ben, however, didn’t have any idea what was going on, so Petra told him to check his news feed then to call her back.  By the time Ben checked up on the latest news, thousands of reports from around civilized space had people in a panic.  Journalists, social hubs, just about everyone was talking about one thing: the leak.

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Grifball Pro Circuit Spring Championship Tips Off Tomorrow


The American Grifball League of America Spring Championship is here and the Pro Circuit championships tip off tomorrow, May 20th at 10:00PM EDT.  Hybrid Theory will take on on the favored One Hit Wonders as they bash it out for the championship spot playing Halo 4 Grifball on the Master Chief Collection.  The Amateur League Championship tips off tonight at 10:00PM EDT as well when Affinity takes on top seed Bad Intentions.  Catch all the Grifball action over on GrifballHub’s Twitch Channel.

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Podtacular 482: Truth Uncovered

Ben continues is search for the truth after the bombshell of a revelation that Deon Govendor was in fact dead for more than seven years.  However, he hasn’t heard from Mashak or FERO in three days, leaving him to wonder if something happened to him.  Ray eventually comes around with some info that reveals Jacob Walker as a professional voice actor, discrediting John’s origin of boot camp at the age of six.  Ben follows up with Anthony Petrovsky, one of the ODSTs ordered to fight John and was severely injured.  Eventually, the burning question of what the Spartan program was had to be asked and the details were gruesome, particularly the clones part for Ben.  At then end of the episode, FERO makes her appearance hacking into Ben’s network providing direction for Ben to take his story in, far past anything he could have imagined.

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HUNT the Truth – Who’s Listening


It had been three days since the revelation that Deon Govendor died seven years ago and since the end of Benjamin Giraud’s previous podcast, he hasn’t heard from anyone.  Petra and Ray had gone their separate ways cutting ties, which made sense given the situation.  Mashak had given him a potential breakthrough source who knew the ins and outs of ONI, but FERO was a no-show and countless attempts to contact Mashak Maradi went unanswered.  It was obvious that ONI was covering up something sinister, and Ben is actually happy knowing that Mashak was monitoring him leading up to a few days ago, but now left in the silence, he didn’t know where to turn.  The answering machine recordings he got from Mashak were frustrating and agonizing, even one that made it sound like he actually picked up.

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Waypoint Update: May 12th


May’s content update for the Master Chief Collection is slated to be a big one with the ODST remaster and the new Halo 2: Anniversary map Remnant, the remake of Relic.  There’s no specific news on what patches will come to the game, but more details will be available as the time draws to a close for the update.  The Halo 2: Anniversary playlist has been updated to 4v4 as well as Rumble Pit to 6-8 players, and they’re still focusing on making BTB up to 8v8 players.

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