Community Leaders

Ever wonder just who started Podtacular? Or who to turn to if you need help or have questions? Here’s a brief overview of the people that have made Podtacular what it is today.

The Crew

Dust Storm (Dustin Pettigrew)

Show Host and Webmaster

Dustin joined the community in 2006 as a listener to the show. He found his place in the community by helping out with the PC Clan and became overlord running Halo PC practices with other members. In fall 2008, he took up the audio show after it ended with foo mo jive and JVB in spring 2008. He produced Pod TV episodes that covered the Halo 3 campaign. Since the site move in early spring 2009, he has been actively revamping the new site for a different Podtacular experience.

GLewis (Gregori Lewis)

Show Host

Greg joined Podtacular back in the first weeks of the show as a hardcore Halo gamer looking for a good clan. He joined one of the early Rec Clans and made his way up through the ranks. As a friend of JVB, host of GameTalk and MLG Player, he has the skills needed to help run a Halo community. After the end of the audio show in spring 2008, he joined up with other community members to produce the Podtacular Community Podcast, dedicated to community updates. At the return of the audio podcast, he became a co-host for the show. He started the Podtacular Intern Program designed to help community members learn the essentials in podcasting in order to jump start their podcasting career. He also started the first (known) MLG Halo-related podcast, presented exclusively by Podtacular.

ChuckieJ (Chuck Jacobson)

Community Manager

Chuck has been a long time supporter of the Podtacular community, joining back in the early days of the community. He has been a long time forum moderator helping keep the site clean. In 2007, he helped start Review Frenzy: a group of community members dedicated to reviewing games members of a halo community would be interested in. He now runs Godtacular on Thursday nights where people come together in a Halo 3 game lobby to talk about God through Bible Studies. He is also a regular guest host for the show.

Lancelot (Ashwin Sira)

Host of Around The Ring

Ash joined the community after the crew from This Spartan Life was interviewed by Podtacular in late 2006. Looking to get involved with the PC clan, he quickly took charge with Dust Storm to bring back the old PC clan. He started Around the Ring: A community podcast dedicated to Halo: Custom Edition maps that expanded to other non-halo related games when merged with the audio show in 2008.

The Elders

foo mo jive (Mike Funk)

Founder and Original Show Host

Mike took it upon himself to create Podtacular in 2005 as a way for Halo fans and gamers to share and discuss the game and experiences. He’s taken on the role of host, interviewer, audio editor and producer, and clearly takes his role as founder of the growing Podtacular community seriously by encouraging a fun and friendly atmosphere for listeners and members.

spelchek (Cody Brom)

Original Co-Host

Cody met the need of a co-host after listening to the first podcast. An interesting string of events preceded him joining the lineup, and for the longest time, he played on an account that was not even his. He was well known for his critiquing of grammar and spelling of the submissions received in the Podtacular inbox. He brought much character and enjoyment to the show before leaving after episode 47.

JVB (Jose Betancourt)

Co-host and gaming community

Jose came to Podtacular in its early days as a listener, but because of his involvement with numerous gaming communities (including Seatag, Gamertag Radio, Uncle Gamer, Controller Freaks), he was easily the right candidate for the job of full-time co-host. Serving as a member of Microsoft’s MVP (Most Valued Professional) program and a Xbox Live Ambassador, Jose has made great progress in bringing new members and guests to the Podtacular community, as well as reaching out to the gaming industry and professionals.

Dialpex (Diego Peixoto)

Community and clan manager

Diego quickly found a place after joining the Podtacular community, rising to become a leader among players and becoming the organizer and manager for the Podtacular clans (Rec/Pros/All Stars), season tournaments and other site/game events. As a community manager he’s responsible for helping out the Staff, new and existing members, resolving existing intra site issues (Forums) and exerting his administrative role supporting Foo Mo Jive and CapnKrunk whether on the show or helping with the site. He’s also been instrumental in reaching out and spreading the word about Podtacular to other communities and building relations with Bungie and Microsoft as a proud Podtacular member. He’s also involved with TBS (The Blue Skittle) as a writer and is part of Xbox Live Ambassador’s group.

CapnKrunk (Robert Cortez)


Robert discovered Podtacular with its first episode and instantly volunteered to help with creating a full-fledged community site for Podtacular. After launching the very first incarnation of in early 2006, Robert continues to maintain and improve the day-to-day operation of the site, as well as help members with technical or account issues. He’s even appeared on the show occasionally as guest host and as the host of the “call-ins” segment and ventured into other areas to seek out other Halo fans for Podtacular, like XBL Radio, Player One Podcast and even non-gaming communities like HighDefDigest and Virb.