Armor Unlocks for Halo 5

e3-2014-halo-5-guardians-multiplayer-beta-teaser-blueFor the last day of the month long IGN First coverage of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we actually get a small glimpse into some of the unlocks coming for Halo 5: Guardians.  There are four armor unlocks available for the multiplayer beta and will transition over to the final game as well.  The images below aren’t indicative of the final models but they give us an idea of what to look forward to.

Mark VI [GEN1]

mark-vi-gen1 Technically obsolete, the Mark VI [GEN1] Mjolnir armor maintains a legendary luster among Spartans and the general public.

Unlock: Earn the “Your Journey Begins” Achievement in MCC (Helmet & Armor)

Mark VI [GEN1] Scarred

mark-vi-gen1-scarredThe Mark VI was able to remain functional until all of its triply-redundant auto-repair and bypass nodes failed.

Unlock: Earn the “Cairo Stations” Achievement in MCC (Helmet & Armor)

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More Achievements for The Master Chief Collection

heroOn top of the mountain of achievements we’re getting for The Master Chief Collection at launch, 343 just announced that we will get 50 more achievements for a total of an additional 500 gamerscore.  The achievements will be coming out as part of the launch content update and they are as follows:

Custom Games & Misc.

  • Game Master (5GS) – Created and saved 5 Custom Game types.
  • Master Forger (5GS) – Created and saved 5 Custom Maps in Forge.
  • Bite the Hand (10GS) – Kill a 343 developer in matchmaking or someone who has this achievement.

Halo: CE

  • Goat Roped (30GS) – Halo CE: Complete all Halo: CE Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.

Halo 2

  • Monopolized (30GS) – Halo 2: Complete all Halo 2 Legendary campaign missions in under 3 hours.
  • Destination Vacation (10GS) – Halo 2: View one of the seasonal signs on Zanzibar in classic multiplayer.
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Halo Journal from Insight Editions

halo-journal-02As you may recall, 343 announced the week of NYCC 2014 that signed Halo Journals would be available on the show floor at the Insight Editions booth.  We managed to grab a few and, like the Poster Collection, were impressed with the quality of the journal.  The the leather cover with Halo insignia makes this one collectors item every Halo fan should have.  Whether you’re taking notes for weapon spawns on a map, writing down strategies for speed runs, drafting fan fiction, or collecting signatures from your favorite Halo personalities, this journal is worth carrying around.

halo-journal-01The front and back cover harkens the ONI and UNSC logos imprinted onto quality, sewn leather with border designs that feel like it’s comes straight from the Halo universe. The journal has 192 pages of heavy stock, ruled paper at 7.5 x 4.5″ and a back pocket to put other loose notes, photos, cards, etc.  There’s an elastic band to help keep the journal closed and a ribbon place mark inside resembling that Halo, blue color.  On the inside covers are the Nightfall artwork and Halo ring artwork featured in their poster collection.

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Showing Off Shrine

gamescom-2014-halo-2-anniversary-establishing-sanctuary-ancient-secretsWe probably know the most about Shrine, the Sanctuary remake, already but IGN First left this map for last to go over for their Master Chief Collection Coverage.  Get the developer walk-through on this truly iconic map with Max Hoberman from Certain Affinity.

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Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematics Screen Grabs

Halo 2 Anniversary - Delta Halo RemasteredWe’re pretty sure everyone’s still drooling over today’s Halo 2 Anniversary cinematic trailer, so we decided to grab some screens from the video for you to turn into your own desktop wallpaper, tablet background, etc.  Here are some of the pictures.  You can download the full set here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Frankie Tweets on TMCC’s Rank System

TMCC-UI-Multiplayer-Ranking-Pick-A-FightWe already got a brief overview of how XP will work with The Master Chief Collection’s Ranking System, but the wise Frankie stepped down and graced us with his presence on Twitter once again to give us a few more details based off fan questions.

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The Master Chief Collection’s Ranking System Detailed

TMCC-UI-Multiplayer-Ranking-Your-LegendIGN just released a few details 343 Industries gave them regarding the ranking system for The Master Chief Collection.  We’ve already been told it would be similar to Halo 2 skill-based ranking system, but we have more info on how XP breaks down and how it relates to your rank.

The system uses the same exact XP requirements as the original Halo 2; players will earn XP when they win and lose XP when they lose, and total XP will determine their rank. You will have a skill-based ranking per each playlist

There is no overall rank for The Master Chief Collection because of the differences in each title included in the game.  Skill detection has been vastly improved to conduct matchmaking much quicker than previous Halo titles.  The studio goes on to say:

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