Podtacular 611: Halo Wishes for 2018

Entering 2018 is going to be a lull year for Halo franchise content, but while we’re not expecting a game this year, we are hoping to hear about the latest installment to the Master Chief saga and mote novels to be released this year. Halo World Championships are destined to be the best it has been for Halo 5 with the return to MLG. We also have planned a year packed of community-focused shows and interviews that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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Machinima Monday: Marlin the Elite: The Movie

While this isn’t a Halo 5 Machinima, it is done by our good friends over at Thomas Productions. If you haven’t watched the series, there’s a series recap you can watch before the movie.

Video Published by: Thomas Productions

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Podtacular 610: Centennial Fodder

This is our final podcast for 2017 where we announce the winner of our Xmas X Giveaway and wrap up the final news of the year. This week also features the 100th installment of GrimBrother One’s Canon Fodder with a feature of the ODST squad Sunray 1-1 and some of the community’s featured lore experts on what attracts them to Halo’s ever-expanding universe. See you all in 2018!

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Podtacular 609: MLG is Back

Perhaps some of the most anticipated news for those interested in the Halo Championship Series is the return of MLG to the North American region for tournament hosting and the Halo World Championship. 343 announced the partnership along with bracket and tournament details for the regional qualifiers and LANs that will lead to HaloWC 2018 in Seattle. We have a few community updates and another giveaway to wrap up this episode.

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Podtacular 608: Happy Halo-days

Coming into the full swing of the holidays, or Halo-days as we like to call it here, we have the faintest touch of Waypoint news with some new Halo Drivatars for Forza. From the community, our friends over at GrifballHub celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Random talk ensues afterwards about speedruns, achievements and life happenings.

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Podtacular 607: Driving Around the Cartographer in Halo 3

Good news everyone, we have news this week! There’s a lot of news that we’re behind on because of the update posted just after last week’s show. In other good news, we’re giving away and Xbox One X at the end of the year. Best way to enter is to join us for a live recording of the podcast on either Tuesday or Wednesday night. One of our loyal listeners erickyboo got featured in this week’s Community Spotlight so we’ve used his paint drawing as the artwork.

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Podtacular 606: Where in the World is Halo

We’re once again, news-less for this episode as it looks like the Community update was delayed. With not much to talk about in the community either, we’re left to our own devices and decided to talk about some of the upcoming Halo productions, like Halo 6 and the ever elusive Halo TV Show. It sounds like the holidays are going to be a quiet time, so we’re looking to pull some community guests and have another book show soon.

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