Podtacular 616: MCC Back in Dev

The Master Chief Collection is at long last getting some much needed polish and overhaul. While we’re still months away from seeing any big changes coming to consoles, Ske7ch has let us know that the legacy team is hard at work swapping out new XDKs and APIs to give MCC a second wind. Over the next few months, there will be a slow stream of updates, but there will be some public builds available to members of the Halo Community Feedback Program and Xbox Insiders.

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Podtacular 615: Dare to Compare

We continue through the slow roll of Halo news this week, but we did get a community update looking at some new Halo merchandise, updates on the HaloWC and more community content catching Grim’s eye. However, as we have been touting the last few episodes, we are pleased to welcome Justin from Eckhart’s Ladder as our first guest of 2018. While he mostly focuses on Star Wars comparisons in his videos, he’s still a dedicated Halo fan running the gambit of comparing technologies, ships and soldiers against other Halo factions and Sci-Fi franchises.

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Podtacular 614: Trickle of News

We’re another week without much news so we’re left to talk about our weekend activities related to Halo. We’re hoping to have more to bring to the table next week with our first guest of the year.

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Podtacular 613: Cold Start

It looks like 2018 is starting off on a cold foot as it comes to news, but as they say, it’s calm before the storm. The Halo World Championship online tournaments have started and a brand new Canon Fodder live stream has been kicked off by GrimBrother One. The latest figure in the Halo Legendary Crate was also shown off that’s available until mid February. Some cool community creations wraps up this short show as we look to have our first guest of 2018 on the show in the coming weeks.

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Podtacular 612: Retribution

Our first book of the year picks up where we left off after Last Light. We start off with “A Necessary Truth” from Fractures, a story of Veti Lopiz, the Gao Inspector who has taken the offer with ONI and is now training with her Ferret team of Spartan III Gammas. Following this interlude, Retribution picks up with the Ferret team investigating the death of a UNSC Fleet admiral and the kidnapping of their family. The entity behind it all is up to her team to discover as their findings lead to even more questions.

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Podtacular 611: Halo Wishes for 2018

Entering 2018 is going to be a lull year for Halo franchise content, but while we’re not expecting a game this year, we are hoping to hear about the latest installment to the Master Chief saga and mote novels to be released this year. Halo World Championships are destined to be the best it has been for Halo 5 with the return to MLG. We also have planned a year packed of community-focused shows and interviews that we hope you’ll enjoy.

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Machinima Monday: Marlin the Elite: The Movie

While this isn’t a Halo 5 Machinima, it is done by our good friends over at Thomas Productions. If you haven’t watched the series, there’s a series recap you can watch before the movie.

Video Published by: Thomas Productions

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