The Lowdown on Lockdown

pax-2014-halo-2-anniversary-lockout-elbowWe’ve seen quite a bit of Lockout already from when it was announced at Pax Prime this year, but there are still a few more gems that players may have not picked up on or noticed the first couple of times around.  Continuing their map run-throughs with Max Hoberman, IGN First takes and in-depth look at Lockdown, the remake of Lockout.  Many of the jumps from the original map are preserved, and the additions made to the maps make it a little more easy to not get stuck in any one spot and give players a fighting chance when they’re down.  As one of the most beloved Halo 2 maps, Certain Affinity did their best to keep to the original but giving it the anniversary spin.

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Official Trailer for Remaking the Legend Halo 2: Anniversary

remaking-the-legends-halo-2-anniversaryThe Official Trailer for Remaking the Legend Halo 2: Anniversary is out and we have a showing date premiering on Xbox’s Twitch channel October 31st at Noon PDT.  The full feature length documentary will be available on the Halo Channel and Xbox Video for free on November 11th.

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Extra Life Stream This Weekend

reddit-extralife-2014This weekend, we are joining forces with gamers around the world for Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon dedicated to raising funds to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  This weekend starting Saturday 8am Eastern, the Podtacular staff will stream Halo gameplay across a wide variety of titles with opportunities for the community to join us on campaign co-op, multiplayer, Firefight and more.  We will be streaming on the Podtacular Twitch channel for 24 hours and giving away prizes as we hit donation milestones for our team.  To join the cause for supporting children’s hospitals, head over to the Podtacular team page and donate through one of the staff.  We hope you will came watch and participate as we play Halo and heal kids!

Podtacular Extra Life 2014 Schedule

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IGN Halo: TMCC Livestream VOD

tmcc-halo-2-anniversary-warlock-firemanYesterday, IGN hosted a stream with Dennis Ries and Max Hoberman to discuss some of The Master Chief Collection and show off some live gameplay. We get to see some new features being added to it including killcams, weapon loadouts, universal control layouts, race on gungeese, and much more.

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Official Nightfall Trailer

Discuss in our forums!

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Halo Fest Returns to Launch The Master Chief Collection

Halo Fest 2014Xbox just announced the next Halo Fest, and it’s a lot closer than you think, but nothing like the first one.  The weekend before the launch of The Master Chief Collection, head on over to Halo’s Twitch channel to watch the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational, taking place at ESL’s headquarters in Southern California.  Thirty-two of the best Halo teams from around the world will be going head-to-head in Halo 2: Anniversary for $50,000 in prizes.

Following the tournament over the weekend, on November 10th, starting at 8:00PM Pacific time, head over to and Twitch for a first look at Halo 5: Guardians, the world premiere of Halo: Nightfall, interviews with game developers and Nightfall producers, and more!  For all the details, head on over to Xbox Wire.

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Insight into Halo: The Poster Collection

HaloTPC-25Our trip to NYCC wasn’t only filled with Halo toys and figures, but a few publications you could actually pick up on the show floor.  One of these items was Halo: The Picture Collection.  This collection of posters from Insight Editions contains a variety of 40 removable art prints, promotional pieces, book covers and more.  The print quality makes it look like you’re looking at a poster print, but is sturdy like card stock.  At 16 x 12in., they’re great for small, framed pictures, but if you’re looking to see all of them at once, prepare to grab two as they’re printed front and back.

HaloTPC-34We teamed up with Halo collector to bring you images of all the posters before it comes out a week before The Master Chief Collection.  Many of the artwork you’ve probably already seen, but there are some that have been quite rare to find until now.  If you want to see all the posters that come with the book, head over to  They will be giving one of the poster collections as well, so make sure you follow them on Facebook for your change to grab one.

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