Marty O’Donnell Fired by Bungie’s Guardians

For years we’ve been graced with truly epic and memorable music in the Halo franchise, but in a late night tweet, Martin O’Donnell announced that Bungie fired him on April 11th without any reasons given. His unique, artistic style has given games like Myth, Oni and Halo truly immersive soundtracks and produced perhaps one of the most iconic theme songs in the gaming industry. There are few details on why Bungie’s Board of Directors decided to let Marty go with all of his previous successes and with only one Destiny game currently on the production line. Halo and Bungie fans alike share a certain sympathy for Marty today as the beloved audio director and composer for Bungie over the last two decades is released from his Ivory Tower. Where his journey make take him we’ll have to wait and see, but if 343 is looking to bring some old time Halo feels back to the franchise, there may be someone out there looking for a job now.

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Podtacular 417: Spring Cleaning

This podcast is a little late, due to some IRL things going on with the hosts, but we had a truck load of information roll on down last week. Ridley Scott will be working on a Halo Digital Feature that is separate from the Halo TV show, but to which many are speculating about the possibility of a Halo movie. Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now will be coming to Windows Phone 8.1. The multiplayer service that offered the server browser for Halo: PC will be shutting down May 31, 2014. Finally, all your matchmaking updates are in this week’s Halo Bulletin.

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Next Halo Experience Being Developed for the Original Xbox

343 Industries has announced that the next Halo multiplayer experience is going to be revolutionary for the Halo franchise and promises to deliver the best experience it can. 343′s community manager told us, “We are really looking forward to what the Halo franchise has in store for our fans and we have taken community feedback to heart with crafting your next Halo journey.”

When we asked them about the kind of feedback they have received about the multiplayer experience, they said, “We’re always looking for ideas from the community. One of the biggest requests we’ve heard from across the community is to bring back more classic Halo experiences. So we’ve decided to go back to Halo’s roots and develop Halo 5 for the original Xbox.” This is sure to bring some fond memories of lugging your TV and Xbox over to a friends house to play on LAN and over Xbox Live with up to 100 of your most distant friends.

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Podtacular 416: Steamed Halo

Microsoft breaks out of their shell and has decided to put Halo on a platform other than the Microsoft Store or the Xbox Marketplace. On Wednesday, Waypoint announced that Spartan Assault will be coming to the Steam platform making the game available for Windows Vista and Windows 7 along with its Xbox and Windows 8 counterparts. Murmurs have started to come up regarding other Halo titles possibly coming to the Steam platform after last year’s findings by the community of having Halo: CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3 entries on the platform. Phil Spencer facilitates speculative talks about a Halo 2 Anniversary in that if it was being developed, it would have to be “fantastic”. The next few months of rotational matchmaking playlists has cropped up in this week’s Halo Bulletin. From podcasts long passed, we also dive into our mailbag and read out some of your thoughts.

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Podtacular 415: Orbital Drop Shock Titan

Titanfall was one of 2014′s most anticipated games and it definitely lived up to the community driven hype it deserved. It kinda reminds you of another game that used to have that kind of appeal. This episode, we take a look at some of the things Halo can take away from the success of Titanfall and apply it to the future of the franchise. We’re not talking about copying gameplay mechanics, but rather ideals and development processes behind the game. aPolishKorean and Justin Bryce from the Drunken Halo Podcast join us in our two hour discussion about Titanfall and Halo. As usual, we cover the latest in Waypoint news, which deserves some special recognition this week. The lovely Jessica Shea has moved up in her Spartan training to become the Studio Operations Program Manager, leaving Andy Dudynsky to take the position of Community Manager. We congratulate both on their accomplishments and wish them the best in their new positions.

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Podtacular 414: Start Kicking Grif

The Halo Community is one of great passion, commitment and generosity, so it’s no surprise that our guests from GrifballHub tonight already have a fully funded Kickstarter for a booth at RTX, all supported by the community. Goosechecka and Kalbelgarion give us the four-one-one on what their plans are for RTX this year where Podtacular will be in attendance. If you’re looking to help out fellow Spartans, than head on over to their Kickstarter and drop a few bucks. You’ll get some pretty cool stuff in return. In other community related news, Edgeworks Entertainment has released their full, uncut version of The Codex. If you’re looking for some good machinima from the days of old, this is a must see. You can also listen to Episode 80 of our podcast for an interview with some of the crew. Halo has also sparked some innovation… over on Project Spark that is where SEspider has been working on re-creating the Silent Cartographer mission from Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s very impressive given the current capabilities of the platform. In Halo Bulletin news this week, we get a closer look at the upcoming playlist Proving Grounds and some info on an Environment Artist position at 343 Industries.

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Podtacular 413: Proving Ground

This week in Halo news, we get our first glances at the Cortana personal assistant coming to the Windows Phone 8.1 update. The Verge was able to get some time using the new software and pointed out some of it’s features to be expected. Someone has outdone themselves and put together a seven foot long Spirit of Fire out of Mega Blocks. It is a truly amazing feat taking up a laundry lists of Halo Mega bloks sets to put together. In this week’s Halo Bulletin, we have some coverage for upcoming playlist changes, and upcoming play date and new avatar items.

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