Warzone REQ Cost Changes

Based on community feedback and metrics pulled from matchmaking, Warzone has received a small update reducing the REQ level cost for some weapons in the game. With the reduction in cost, 343 hopes players will use these weapons more often.  They will continue to monitor feedback and matches played to continue balancing the experience. Here’s the changes:

  • Carbine: 4 -> 2
  • Rain of Oblivion: 4 -> 3
  • Blood of Suban: 5 -> 4
  • Suppressor: 2 -> 1
  • Boltshot: 2 -> 1
  • Light Rifle: 5 -> 4
  • Barbed Lance: 5 -> 4
  • Dying Star: 6 -> 5
  • Saw: 5 -> 4
  • Appetite for Destruction: 6 -> 5
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Podtacular 525: Slice of DLC

This podcast is definitely late thanks to real life getting in the way.  For this show, we talk about the latest content update and our experience with the new maps, or lack thereof for some of us.  We have the pleasure of having Kenny from Ultimate Halo on this episode.  Be warned, we have strongly opinionated conversations with our views on the REQ system and 343’s handling of content updates for Halo 5.

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New Arena REQ Bundle Available for Pre-Order

Arena REQ Bundle

Halo fans have been asking for another REQ bundle for Halo 5: Guardians, similar to the Warzone Premium REQ bundle and the limited edition HCS REQ pack.  Today a new listing on Amazon has revealed a new Arena REQ bundle that behaves similarly to the Warzone REQ bundle with 14 premium packs released two per week.  The bundle also includes the Mark V Alpha armor set and will likely dish out REQs from future content updates not pertaining to Warzone certifications.  While it wasn’t directly apparent that this applied to the Warzone REQ bundle initially, only one Arena REQ bundle can be redeemed per Xbox Live account.  From Amazon.com:

Step into the Arena in style with the Arena REQ Bundle!

Equip your Spartan with the latest armor, weapon skins, and other requisitions with 14 Premium Arena REQ Packs (2 per week). Amongst the highest-valued REQ Packs in the system, the bundle delivers randomized content in the form of unlockable visual customization REQs, including armors, visors, weapon skins, and more. These packs provide a greater chance at unlocking some of the rarest REQ Cards available including Mythics – legendary items so rare, so storied, and so powerful that they can change the course of entire battles.

Additionally players will receive the Mark V Alpha armor set, inspired by the Master Chief’s armor in Halo: Combat Evolved.

Gear up with the Arena REQ Bundle!

You can pre-order the REQ bundle today for digital delivery on February 16th.

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How the Energy Sword Stands Up Against Star Wars’ Lightsaber

For anyone who watched Halo 5: LIVE on launch night of Halo 5: Guardians, you may remember a segment by The Game Theorists on the feasibility of Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor.  They’re back at it again with another theory comparing the Star Wars Lightsaber to Halo’s Energy Sword.  The video breaks down the design of both weapons and analyses their fighting capabilities, regardless of the fighter behind them.  If there’s been some dust collecting on your Halo encyclopedia, you’ll get a nice refresher on how the Energy Sword works and what chances it has in this clash of Sci-fi iconic weapons.

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Machinima Monday: Breakout Song

Do you ever feel the need to break into song? This one will get you hyped up for Breakout!

Video published by: JT Machinima

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Evil Geniuses wins the Halo World Championship Tour X Games Invitational

XGames Gold

In the second event on the Halo World Championship Tour, Evil Geniuses takes home X Games gold and wins $15,ooo in prize money.  The championship round came down to a final game 7 in a best of 7 series, Team Slayer on Regret against rival team Counter Logic Gaming.  After Lxthul left EG and joined CLG, EGpicked up Commonlyy and having these two teams make it to the finals was what everyone wanted to see.  While CLG did not drop a single game until the finals, EG pulled out the win for the first ever Halo X Games gold medals.

XGames Final Bracket

While the outcome of the X Games Invitational will not affect the standings in current regions, this event possibly gives us a glimpse into what the Halo World Championship Finals may look like.  Unfortunately, the two international teams didn’t make it to the semis, but we’re hopeful we’ll see a few star teams put the US teams to the test.

XGames Placing

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Podtacular 524: New Armaments

Infinity’s Armory is just around the corner and in anticipation of the release, 343 has revealed all the REQs and maps coming with the update next week.  We have a few opinions on the new weapon skins coming and discuss content the community would like to see in future updates. We’re trying a new recording format for the show that hopefully produces better audio. Unfortunately, one recording track didn’t record everything so apologies for the quality of audio this week and for it being late.

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