Podtacular 562: The Strong Side of HCS: 2016 Fall Finals Preview

The 2016 Fall Finals for North America is this weekend following a season of great match-ups and the never ending roster changes. Teams EnVyUs, Optic Gaming, Liquid and Str8 Rippin are all poised to grab their share of $150K. In some aspects eSports are similar to athletic sports, but there are some unique differences. We have the honor of having Strongside, one of the commentators of the Halo Championship Series tell us about some of these nuances and how this Fall 2016 season finals is shaping up. Make sure to catch the finals this weekend Dec 10th thru 11th over on Twitch.TV/Halo.

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Halo: Monitor’s Bounty Preview

Halo: Monitor's Bounty

Halo 5’s newest content update, Monitor’s Bounty, has been formally announced and detailed today. It contains a great deal of highly anticipated REQ items, forge updates, a custom games browser, and much more. Monitor’s Bounty is the tenth update that Halo 5 has received in the past year, and has been thoroughly teased in the past few weeks. Tomorrow will pertain to many more announcements, most of which involve Forge and any details not covered in this preview. This brand new update will be available on Xbox One and PC on December 8th, but no live-stream this time around. Of course, releasing with this iteration is the “Voices of War” REQ Pack that has been heavily spoken about.

Halo Classic Helmets

Running down the very long list of additions so far, the update will include two new Forge canvases, Barren (desert) and Depths (underwater). On the subject of REQ items, this update will bring about the long awaited Wasp variants teased last update, as well as the return of the Halo: Reach grenade launcher, variant in tow. The Sentinel Beam will make its return from Halo 3, and the Anti-Air Wraith will finally become an item usable without glitches, as it was in Halo 3 and ODST. Plus three new assassinations and stances, a new set of scopes (presumably Forerunner based on the cards), and three new skin sets usable across all loadout weapons. And the biggest announcement, the return of 9 fan-favourite helmets coming in 2017, all earned by “playing the game”.

If you want more details on what’s coming this update, such as the customs browser, observer mode, and new Forge mini-games, head on over to HaloWaypoint.com for the full article.

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Podtacular 561: Holiday Gear

Over the past several days, we’ve seen some great holiday deals on some new Halo gear hitting retailers and stores. Although we’re past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are still a few things available at sale prices. Since we basically ignored the Halo Wars 2 Blitz coverage a few weeks ago, we decided to take a look at some game play and share our thoughts.

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Podtacular’s Holiday 2016 Halo Gear Giveaway

Celebrate the holidays with Podtacular with seven days of Halo Gear giveaways! There has been a lot of cool gear that has come out over the past few months shown off on Halo Waypoint, Halo Livestreams and conventions. We’re passing down some of these merch items down to our fans. The giveaway is being run through Gleam.io with several ways to get entries for the daily giveaways. Here’s what we’re offering!

Day 1: Xbox Live 3-month Subscription and $10 Code

xbox-giftcard-10 xbox-subscription-3

Day 2: Hot Wheels: UNSC Warthog & Tyco Halo Warthog Light Reconnaissance RC Vehicle

tyco-halo-warthog hotwheels-unsc-warthog

Day 3: Halo and Podtacular T-shirts (winner may select tee from official store under $22)

jinx-halo-tee podtacular-shirt

Day 4: Covenant Plasma Grenade and Grunt Plush

grunt-plushie plush-plasma-grenade

Day 5: Halo Official Ugly Christmas Sweater


Day 6: Dark Horse Pax Prime Exclusive Banshee (Silver)


Day 7: Halo 5: Guardians Limited Collector’s Edition


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Halo 5 “Voices of War” REQ Pack Confirmed

"Voices of War" REQ Pack

Surfacing this week, an image began floating around the Halo community showing off what looks like a new special REQ pack called the “Voices of War”. It allegedly contains a highly requested feature, new announcer voice-overs, and many were skeptical of the image’s legitimacy. Well, community manager Ske7ch has confirmed on Reddit (where the image sourced from) that it is real, and will be coming to Halo 5 following this content update. It is labelled as “premium”, so whether it will be purchasable with REQ points or exclusively real world currency is unknown. Details are slim, but the pack will have three new announcer voices for Warzone and Arena. These voices are Spartan Buck, Exuberant Witness, and Yabda the Merciless.

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Podtacular 560: 15 Years of Halo

For the past fifteen years, Halo has entertained us, developed friendships, pushed competitive eSports and built lasting communities. Halo has lead to some remarkable life experiences for all fans of the franchise and following the 15 year anniversary Halo Livestream, we decided to chime in on our experience with Halo.

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Halo: Community Update – Quick Reflects

Halo: Smoke and Shadow Cover

Another week, another reason to give thanks, as the newest community update has been released. On the lighter side of information, a new update teaser was released in the most recent live-stream, showing off the Grenade Launcher, Sentinel Beam, and Anti-Air model for the Wraith. Josh Holmes, one of 343’s major figureheads and the now former studio head for Halo 5, announced his departure. Here’s hoping for the best in his future, as well as our unparalleled appreciation for his hard work on the franchise. In the spirit of giving thanks, a few studio members like Chris Lee and Bonnie Ross dedicated some notes on the past 15 years of the Halo franchise. And, the newest Halo novel, written by literary artist Kelly Gay, got a spotlight section in this CU, coming the 28th of November.

Of course, there was plenty of extra information in the article, such as the community spotlight and a highlight of Xbox’s 15th anniversary. You can view more at HaloWaypoint.com.

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