Halo: Community Update – Wars, Worlds, and Weaponry

Halo Wars 2 has officially released, both the Ultimate Edition and the regular version finally in the hands of Halo fans everywhere. The launch does not signal the end of content though, as proven with Halo 5’s robust post-launch pallet. Halo Wars 2 will have a host of new content like leaders, maps, and a campaign story DLC, most of these coming from the Season Pass. One addition on the horizon is a new leader named Morgan Kinsano, who 343 has been very secretive about thus far, and the legendary Sergeant Forge is already available as a free DLC leader, for a limited time. The next Halo Legendary Crate, themed after the Banished, has also begun shipping, and is full of neat little tie-ins to Halo Wars 2.

On the Halo 5 front, 343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross recently spoke at the DICE Summit and revealed that split-screen is something that will remain in Halo going forward, along with the reassurance of simpler stories in the future. Ske7ch also cheekily responded to the mountain of requests for black undersuits on Spartan characters, stating that they were being “accounted for”. Two brand new skins will be coming to Halo 5, one awarded to the people featured in these community updates, and the other awarded to those that clash with 343 during playdates.

If you’d like to read up on a plethora more information pertaining to Halo, you can peruse the article itself on HaloWaypoint.com and get the full experience.

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Podtacular 570: Zee Updates

The clock ticks away to the launch of Halo Wars 2 and we have not just one, but two Halo Community Updates, Halo Canon and a handful of other announcements. The Blitz Beta had some great outcomes with players clocking more than 90 years of playtime but providing some very useful feedback that’s already making its way into a day-one update. The Classic Helmet REQ pack is available now and the Halo World Championship returns March 24th – 26th in Burbank at ESL Headquarters. 343 has brought in community members to promote some of their latest content updates, which brings some familiar names to the spot light.

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Halo: Community Update – You Can Haz Recon

Halo Wars 2 is only a little over a week away, and the anticipation is reaching a head. 343 Industries released three new trailers this week, a launch trailer, a playful ad named The Sale, and another named The Armrest. For participants of the Blitz beta as well as those that have played both versions of Halo Wars 1, there will be extra card packs awaiting you for completing certain milestones in those respective categories. Speaking of achievements, Halo Wars 2 will have an array of new milestones to unlock, furthering your Gamerscore, and all decorated with various artwork from the game. Halo 5 also received brand new content in the form of a Classic Helmet REQ Pack, for 150K RP or $10. It includes fan-favourites like the original Mark V, EOD, CQB, and notably, Recon. On the subject of helmets, the Timmy helmet has been let loose upon the player-base, and the requirement to get it? 50 hours of custom games. If you want it, get loading into those public lobbies.

If the information above has piqued your interest, you can check out many more alluring details, such as Halo 5 arena balances and the 343 Team Spotlight, in the official article on HaloWaypoint.com.

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Podtacular 569: Bye Blitz Beta

We are all sad that the Blitz Beta is over, even if some of us only won one game from it. With the end of the beta comes the impending release of the final game, but while we wait, we take a chance to share our experience with the beta and share some of our listeners experiences as well! We had one submission to us in addition to those listening us live on our Twitch stream. The Halo Bowl took place the previous week and Dust Storm shares the outcome of the tournament and fundraiser. Let’s just say, one did really well and one did really poorly.

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Halo: Community Update – Cetacean Celebration

February is here, as is the latest in Halo news and events from our weekly Community Update. The Blitz beta for Halo Wars 2 officially concluded recently, and 343 released a spreadsheet of a few major stats from that time period, such as whopping 796,000 games played. Also on the subject of Halo Wars 2, a new trailer will be releasing Monday, and three famed artists were contacted to do art for the upcoming release. Halo 5 had a massive news-drop this week, with the Timmy helmet being distributed to people mysteriously. Fans have been caught in a frenzy as to how to earn it, but 343 isn’t giving up many details. Speaking of helmets, the Classic Helmet REQ Pack will be releasing on February 9th (as previously covered) and will be purchasable for $9.99 in US currency or 150K REQ Points. Finally, Halo 5 also saw a slew of REQ changes this week, full list of changes included in the CU itself.

If you’re eager for more Halo content, such as the latest Canon Fodder, or the 343 Team Spotlight, you can visit the full article on HaloWaypoint.com to satisfy that urge.

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Podtacular 568: Blitzkeys

The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta launch this past weekend and we’ve already got our hands on a few matches, getting the feel for the mode and the new quirks of the twist on traditional RTS multiplayer. Halo Waypoint with Prima have given us some great tips to get started with Blitz and from the few games we’ve played, have some of our own to share. Opening moves, defending strategies and the card system all play a part in victory or defeat.

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Halo: Community Update – Blitzing the Night Away

The latest community update has hit the internet, courtesy of the ever-gracious Ske7ch, with a nice round of Halo news for all facets of the community. The Blitz beta is still ongoing on Xbox One and PC, and playing now will grant you 20 free blitz packs to close out the beta this 30th. A few myths about bugs in the beta were also busted and some tips given for those that might be confused on how to play. A Warzone Firefight easter egg was very recently teased, with a hint provided in this week’s update. It was shortly after discovered by members of the community to be a grunt riding a crawler. The nine classic helmets teased before the launch of Monitor’s Bounty are confirmed to be (probably) releasing on the 9th, assuming no changes are made. They will be available in a special pack for RP and real currency.

If you’re interested in reading up on more, like the new test playlist for 12 man Warzone teams or the REQ level changes, you can check out the update in its natural form on HaloWaypoint.com.

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