Halo: Community Update Recap – Anvil’s Legacy Preview

Mercy Screenshot

Following the last content update, Warzone: Firefight, 343 has officially announced Anvil’s Legacy for a September 8th release. The Community Update has showcased a preview of just what this new update will contain. Anvil’s Legacy will release with a brand new content browser and forge pre-fabs, as well as the concurrent release of Forge on Windows 10. A new Halo app will release alongside this that will allow for easier access to all Halo titles on the PC. Mercy and Temple are two new maps for Arena and Warzone: Assault that are coming to Halo 5 as well.

Forge Prefab Preview

As far as new requisition content, a full sheet was released in standard fashion. Some highlights are the Hunter Assault Cannon (with an extra variant), a tactical Magnum, four new armour skins, a new scope, and two new sets of weapon skins. 343 will be hosting a live-stream to show off Anvil’s Legacy on September 6th at 2 P.M. PST, which can be viewed on Halo’s official Twitch channel. Of course, there is plenty more that can be learned about this update on Halo Waypoint.

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Podtacular 550: Cortana’s Reclamation

At the end of Halo 5: Guardians we find Cortana beginning her Reclamation, dispersing her Guardians throughout the galaxy.  With access to the Forerunner domain, the rogue AI poses a large threat to not just humanity, but the other species of the galaxy.  The Infinity is now on the run and Master Chief is reunited with Halsey, but to what end.  For this episode, we are please to have Toa Freak on to discuss the possible outcomes of Halo 5’s ending and what we could see happen in the next installment of the Forerunner saga and Halo Wars 2.

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The Halo App for Windows 10 Announced

The Halo App

Coming to Windows 10 PCs on September 8th is the Halo App, an interactive hub for all things Halo on PC. It was announced officially today to release alongside the newest Halo 5 update, Anvil’s Legacy, and support Halo 5: Forge. The Halo App will also function as a hub for other Halo content, like Halo Wars 2 and the Spartan spin-off games pictured above. It is said to feature every Halo title available on Windows PCs, but the released photos hint at the absence of the PC ports for Halo: CE and Halo 2. Aside from the games, the application will also act as a news hub with videos, blogs, and more, acting as an extension to Halo Waypoint. You can read more on the Halo Waypoint blog post.

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Halo 5 Content Update “Anvil’s Legacy” Announced, Forge PC Release Date

Halo 5 Guardians Anvil's Legacy Horizontal

After last Friday’s content tease, 343 Industries has officially confirmed its newest content drop launching September 8th, Anvil’s Legacy. This new update will include a multitude of new items, new maps, and a wealth of Forge features. Two new weapon skins, three new weapons, a new Sound Dampener attachment, and more were confirmed on Xbox Wire tying with the announcement. One of the highlights of this update is a Hunter Assault Cannon, which seems to have multiple variants. A new Arena map and Warzone Assault map, both set on Sanghelios, will be launching with the update as well. If you’d like to read the full list of updates, be sure to explore the link above.

Halo 5 Forge Horizontal

Possibly the biggest feature of this update is the introduction of Forge and Custom Games to Windows 10, marking Halo’s first foray unto PC since the announcement of the “Play Anywhere” initiative. Forge and Custom Games will be fully playable on Windows 10, with revamped controls and 4K resolution capabilities. An in-game Content Browser finally awaits players, with custom screenshots and search parameters. Also being added is a Forge pre-fab system, which allows players to create objects and save them, allowing them to be used on any map. This will also tie into the Content Browser, making for a library of exploration options. The browser will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10, and the entire addition of Forge and Custom Games to PC will be available for free.

Again, everything in Anvil’s Legacy will be launching on September 8th, and you can get a full picture via the recently released B-roll footage on YouTube of the new maps, or the link below.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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Podtacular 549: What’s Worth a REQ

Since the announcement of the Halo 5: Guardians REQ system, there have been many discussions in the Halo community on its effect on game play. Whether people want the system gone completely, only have it for aesthetics, or think it enhances the Warzone experience, it has been a contentious subject with many varying opinions. We take our look at the Halo 5 REQ system in this episode expressing our thoughts on the system with what we like or don’t like about it, and what changes might help the system be better for a future iteration.

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Halo: Community Update Recap – Preview of Autumn


Bravo has published another weekly edition of the Halo Community Update, and this week we got our first glimpse at a new update to Halo 5: Guardians. We got another look at the file sharing system as well as prefabs and search parameters. We also got our first look at an unnamed Arena map set on Sanghelios. A new Magnum variant was shown off called the Gunfighter Magnum, and it loses it’s smart link in favour of faster handling and other viable sidearm perks.

A new weapon skin, Landgrave, was shown with the promise of another new set in this update. Bravo teased a test reaction of a redacted weapon that seems to work well on air vehicles. He later on confirmed on his Twitter that it was not the accidentally revealed Plasma Launcher. On the Halo Wars 2 side of things, we got lore details on a new map, Rift, as well as some new avatar items. The Team Arena Fall Preview was also detailed, and can be explored in depth on HaloWaypoint.com. Finally, Grim teased the upcoming Halo: Mythos, a treat for all of the lore fanatics of Halo. There was plenty more bountiful content in this update, and you can take a look at the article for all the information you need to know.

Source: HaloWaypoint.com

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Halo Wars 2 Comes to Gamescom 2016


Halo Wars 2 makes its European debut at gamescom 2016 giving more fans the ability to try out the latest installment to the Halo franchise. Fans attending the event are the first ones to get to play the new multiplayer map, Rift on the Strongholds game mode.  From Creative Assembly:

Fans in Europe will get the first look and first hands-on with our brand new Halo Wars 2 multiplayer map, Rift, on the Strongholds multiplayer mode. At the heart of this exciting new map sits a monolithic Forerunner structure that harnesses the power from the subterranean networks beneath the Ark’s surface. Whilst one half of the map is unsullied by war, the other is pitted with large breaches in the surface as the Banished tunnel downwards to plunder the core’s precious resources. Rift is a visually stunning and memorable battleground providing a huge range of cool strategic and tactical options.

Source: Xbox Wire

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