Bonnie Ross Comments on State of The Master Chief Collection

Xbox gamescom 2014 Briefing

A couple days ago, Bonnie Ross came out with a public apology on the current state of Halo: The Master Chief Collection not being the experience we deserve.  In her Status Update on Halo Waypoint, Bonnie states that the studio continues to work around the clock to get the game working.  Their number one priority is to fix the issues with matchmaking that were not made apparent during their internal testing and to roll out updates as quickly as possible that addresses this as well as other issues currently affecting the game.  Server and client side updates will continued to be rolled out as the team evaluates where issues crop up and the latest update is now available next time you launch the game.

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Podtacular 453: Are We Fixed Yet?


Since the release of the Master Chief Collection, there have been many frustrations amongst Halo fans with the numerous issues plaguing the game.  The content update that came out this week, while it seems to statistically helped as reported by 343 Industries, many people are either seeing better results, new issues, or a degradation in capabilities.  Despite the issues, the Halo Championship Series announced during the week leading up to the Launch Invitational is shaping up to bring Halo eSports a new life in competitive gaming.  One of the people responsible for helping put together HCS is none other than one of the favored eSports commentators Goldenboy, who happens to be our guest on this episode to give us the details and where we can expect the series to go in the coming months.

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Halo 2 Anniversary Forge: Scripting

IGN AwashThe fine folks over at Certain Affinity have put together a video showing forgers how scripting works in the new Forge for Halo 2 Anniversary included in The Master Chief Collection.  Scripting adds a whole new dynamic and interactive element available to forgers like we’ve seen in Halo 2 and Halo 3 multiplayer.  See how switches interact with gadgets, channels and spawning to give forgers more options and control over their creations.  Also, as you’ll note in the credits, our friends over at ForgeCast pete the duck and Ducain23 helped contribute to this video.  Well done guys!

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Master Chief Collection Update Goes Live Tomorrow


343 Industries has just announced that the content update that should fix most of the issues people are having with Halo: The Master Chief Collection will go live tomorrow evening.  They have included a list of fixes in their update, which are caused by some larger issues addressed in this update.


  • Addressed a number of issues that resulted in extended matchmaking times and low matchmaking success rates.
  • Made a number of updates to how matchmaking progress is communicated to the player. With this update, you’ll see better, more frequent and more informative status updates throughout the matchmaking flow – so “Players Found” for example, will be displayed to let players know where they are in the matchmaking process instead of simply wondering if it’s going to connect.
  • The improved matchmaking flow is as follows:
    • Searching
    • Searching for more players
    • Players found
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Content Update Delayed for The Master Chief Collection


The content updated slated to be released tomorrow that is supposed to fix a majority of the issues currently plaguing the Master Chief Collection has been delayed allowing for a few more additional fixes and for certification to be completed for the update.  This update is, what many Halo players are hoping, the solution that will get the Master Chief Collection back on track and be the experience we are all hoping for.  From 343 Industries:

This content update includes a variety of fixes across the title, including Matchmaking performance issues, general UI and game stability improvements, as well as fixes for game-game specific issues in Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 2: Anniversary, and more.

Full patch notes will be released soon before the update goes live.  To keep up to date on the efforts 343 Industries are making to address the game’s issue, visit their bug investigation thread on their forums and follow them on Twitter.

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Podtacular 452: The Master Bug Collection

The Master Chief Collection has had a very problematic launch with many bugs and issues affecting almost every part of the game and it seems to be different for every person. Achievements aren’t unlocking for campaign, lobbies are crashing post game for customs and campaign, matchmaking rarely works, and people are rightfully frustrated.  However, the silver lining on the story is 343 Industries is actively trying to fix the issues plaguing the game so Halo fans can get their game on and enjoy everything the Master Chief Collection has to offer.  Despite the launch problems, this past weekend had a lot going on from the Launch Invitational tournament and the release party in Hollywood, which we were privileged enough to be a part of.  Taking the walk down memory lane with us this episode is Alfredo Diaz from IGN and VoRLiN also sharing our Halo 5: Guardians experience.

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The Prophet’s Bane Legendary Weapon in Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer


Among the additions that have been introduced to Halo 5: Guardians, there is a new class of weapons you’ll get to use and the first among the legendary weapons you’ll get to use is the Prophet’s Bane.  It is basically a modified energy sword forged by the Prophets and has some unique qualities.  When you are wielding the Prophet’s Bane, it gives you greater melee distance and increased movement speed.  When you’re sprinting at terminal velocity, you’ll notice that your Spartan will turn the sword over and instead of the typical lunge swish, you’ll perform a charging stab.  While they didn’t mention any other “legendary weapons”, the way it was stated implies we will see more of these class of weapons either in the beta or with the final game.

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