HUNT the TRUTH – Boxing Story


It’s hard to imagine what slipping a deadline for the most powerful, secret organization in the galaxy is like, especially for someone who’s always done what they were told.  As we heard from the last episode, Ben Giraud did just that.  After missing the deadline, Ben took the time he had, assuming ONI didn’t know what he was up to, putting together the last few podcasts we’ve heard.  He only talked to two people since then: Petra, who followed up to make sure he make it back, and Ray to follow up on his encounter with Jacob Walker on his trip back.  He continuously dodged calls from ONI’s office until the very last call he received, which was straight from Michael Sullivan himself.  In his chipper Sully attitude, he tells Ben he negotiated to extend the deadline one more day, convincing ONI that Ben understood deadlines and was doing through some personal issues.  Sully acknowledged the critical point this story had come to and felt that there would be some very big things for Ben once the story got published.  Ben began thinking about how ONI would respond to his stunt he was about to pull, but pushed those thoughts aside.   Shortly after was when Ben started uploading his version of the story and the calls from ONI stopped.

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Halo Community Screenshots – 5/4/15


It’s time for another round of community screenshots taken from some of our fans. If you have your own screenshots, please share them with us in our forums, Twitter or Facebook and they may appear here on the front page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Waypoint Update: May 1st


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an update as hefty as this one, but the latest Halo Community Update is loaded with details after the latest MCC patch.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to Halo Waypoint for all the details.  Here’s a short rundown of what we’ve got.  First up is the latest Canon Fodder written by friend of the show and lore guru, GrimBrother One, who addresses last week’s Hunt the Truth episode and puzzle the community solved.  The latest patch was identified by the community to have party issues for those with large friends list sizes and a hotfix is on the way.  They’ve also received feedback on rank matching in matchmaking with how wide the search windows is, which they’re addressing on the back end.  Bravo goes into some detail on how quitting plays into Xbox One’s reputation system, which the Master Chief Collection uses during matchmaking.  There’s a lot of details he covers but brings up these two main points:

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Frankie Addresses Development Concerns on Halo 5 Given MCC’s Status


There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched in a far less desired form than fans were willing to accept.  Party issues on Xbox One, matchmaking woes of unbalanced teams and drop outs, lack of proper Forge and file sharing features, and more are alone enough to classify the current state of the game one of the worst in the franchise’s history.  Frank O’Connor, Franchise Director on Halo at 343 Industries admits the non-favorable condition in an interview recorded at EGL’s “Battle For Europe” event during HCS season one:

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Hunt the Signal Contest


A new contest coinciding with the current Hunt the Truth ARG is currently being teased from a new website.  The site was originally found from a new video on Xbox UK’s YouTube channel that started out like a normal Xbox One promo, but with a distorted title and disruptions in the video.

In the video, one of the distortions leaves this image with binary that when translated lead to


Visiting the page on a desktop browser yields a similar image displaying incorrect platform but when viewed on a mobile browser leads to a countdown timer ending on May 6th, 11AM GMT.

For a short time, a link to Terms and Conditions for a contest called GlitchHalo was available on the website.  The link has since been removed but the contents of the contest allegedly tied to Hunt the Signal was posted on PasteBin.  The contest gives contestants along with three of their friends to also participate to have their faces featured in Halo 5: Guardians.  More information will likely be available when the countdown is reached.

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Podtacular 479: Three Four Tweet

This week’s news come in the form of tweets and forum posts from Creative Director, Josh Holmes.  Late last week, Josh took to Twitter to answer some of the community’s questions regarding Halo 5, some immediate, some to be expanded upon come E3 and leading up to launch.  He also replied to a user over on the Team Beyond forums regarding Breakout and bit team play in Halo 5.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Podtacular 478: Puzzle Solving

The Mysteries of Halo 5: Guardians continues to unravel in the latest episode of Hunt the Truth, but also in another image puzzle this past weekend.  After a mysterious email was sent to Australians, people everywhere began trying to solve a puzzle that eventually lead to the Halo 5 cover art for the game.  The art reveals what appears to be Blue Team, Locke’s team with a couple of familiar Spartans, Chief and Locke in their infamous standoff, and Sanghelios.  Ben Giraud’s trip to ONI had it’s own twists with a one-on-one interview with Franklin Mendez, the one who trained John and the rest of the Spartan IIs.  Ben’s struggle with the truth would get the better of him and get him fired shortly after, only to be left at home with a decision to follow through on the job, or turn tail and spill the beans.  After many recommendations, we’re honored to have Toa Freak on as our special guest.

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